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Samsui Woman Plushie

Samsui Woman Plushie


Why the title "Untold Heroes"?
Many of us have forgotten the people in past, and don't notice those that we still see everyday that make our lives better. Some are so commonly seen that we treat them as invisible or don't notice their subtle contributions. This series will serve as a tribute to them.

As for the Plushie, every single one of it are hand made with Love and it's small in size that can be brought around easily, be it overseas or local! A perfect gift for everyone that love and appreciate our dearly heroes till today!

1) 100% combed cotton fabric, made from ring-spun yarn, printed with Ultra-Color technology for vibrant color and improved wash durability.

2) Polyester toy filling, It is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water and petroleum. Extremely light weight which makes it suitable for children’s toys and especially great for baby toys which you want to be very light.

3) Design, do note that the colors/patterns for the back of plushy might be different as shown on the picture.

Overall Product Measurement:
12.2" X 4.1" X 2.4" (L x W x Thickness)

Made in Singapore

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