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Childhood Series + Kuehkuehs Postcards

Childhood Series + Kuehkuehs Postcards


Reminisce your good ol' childhood memories with artofchris' postcards and these postcards make good gifts too!

Would like to write something meaningful to your family or friends in local or even overseas? From the series of food to games, these postcards are perfect as gifts for your childhood friends to send a greeting or share a memory of the past with them.

1) Matte finish paper / FSC (MS) UNCTD A-SNOW: 300gsm paper.
Overall Product Measurement:
About A6 Size

*Do note that if you are buying 3 Postcards or more, kindly follow the steps below:

1) Click on "Add to Cart

2) Click on  "Add a note to your order" and "Special instructions for seller" will be appeared

3) Simply type down 3 other title of the prints/postcards on the space provided (Eg. Chapteh, Dragon playground & Kueh Lapis) before checking out.

(You can buy 3 or more of the same design OR you can mixed and match with 3 other series too!)

All artworks are being hand painted by Chris with Watercolors/Ink and now it's up for sale as reproduction Prints/postcards. 

Made in Singapore

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