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Ah Mer Enamel pin

Ah Mer Enamel pin


In commemoration of Singapore National day, Chris has created this enamel pin of our lovable "Ah Mer"! He decided to put a heart on the pin as a symbol of keeping Singapore close to our hearts. Hoping that this product will allow people to express and spread their love to both their local and overseas relatives/friends for our iconic Merlion and Singapore.

He also hope something that is as small as this pin is able to bring across huge meaning to us Singaporeans and remind us of the importance of loving a nation and to keep in mind that we are all in this together.

What is Ah Mer?
"Ah Mer" or "Ah Mer-Lion", it was inspired by our daily conversation between our family and friends! Where we often use ahma, ahpa, ahgong, ah boy, ah Girl, abang or ah(name) to address somebody. So Chris wanna bring something close to the heart of Singaporean, something that we could relate easily and not just about naming it for the sake of naming.

1) Metal (Sliver) Enamel Pin
Overall Product Measurement: 
3.5cm x 2cm (L x B)

Designed by Chris Chew

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