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Untold Heroes Bookmarks

Untold Heroes Bookmarks


Why the title "Untold Heroes"?
Many of us have forgotten the people in past, and don't notice those that we still see everyday that make our lives better. Some are so commonly seen that we treat them as invisible or don't notice their subtle contributions. This series will serve as a tribute to them.

As for the Bookmarks, every single one of it are hand cut by us with Love and it's a very durable, waterproofing kind of material as compared to those normal bookmarks that made up of papers regardless of how thick it is. If you have a friends that love reading Books, get them this! Something that is meaningful and functional! 

How to make purchase?
Under the "Options" tab, you will see 2 options, which is as follows:
a. 1 x Bookmark : S$2 
b. 3 x Bookmarks : S$5 

To purchase more than 3 bookmarks, simply increase the quantity before checking out. 

*Do note that if you are buying, kindly follow the steps below:

1) Click on "Add to Cart"

2) Click on  "Add a note to your order" and "Special instructions for seller" will be appeared

3) Simply type down 1 or more other title of the bookmarks on the space provided & state CLEARLY the quantity of the heroes (Eg. Samsui Woman x 2, Mata x 1, Chinese Opera x 3) before checking out.

(You can buy the same Hero OR you can mixed and match with other Heroes too!)

1) Digi Card (Translucent Plastic Paper) 300gsm.

Overall Product Measurement:
5" X 1.8" (L x W)

Made in Singapore

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